Our love of collaboration grew as we met and shared creative ideas over a cup of good freshly-brewed coffee along the Overtoom – a large street in Amsterdam that’s a bustling, multicultural melting pot, teaming with shops and people, and owing its charm to several centuries of rich history. And it’s where the inspiration for our name came from. Built on an intersection of water and roads, mills and inns, stately homes and the famous Vondelpark, it is now home to a vibrant community that, like us, champions a rich heritage and entrepreneurial, pioneering spirit. Our Overtom business grew from these roots: with three specialities in creativity, storytelling and tech. We then brought our shared enjoyment of working with our clients, and inspiration of the colourful places we’ve experienced, to a joint business endeavour.

Combining creativity with IT, and adding our love for a masterful turn of phrase in translations and copywriting to the mix, we created a service delivery company that offers top-notch wordsmithing and web optimisation for your business. We take care of the technical, behind-the-scenes aspects of a web shop or website with the same attention to detail that we craft our translations and content with. The localisation services we provide will help you communicate the essence of your business or brand to global audiences.