Our Team

Our Team

Sarah-Jane Threipland

Sarah-Jane is Overtom’s creative copy creator. She is an experienced and versatile conceptual copywriter who loves coming up with interesting concepts as much as the craft of writing itself. She originally trained as an advertising copywriter and has worked with top European and London clients and ad agencies for over 14 years.
She is skilled in writing a variety of copy, focussed to a brief or challenge, as well as the more strategic side of communications – working out how to reach people with effective conceptual campaigns. Some of the clients Sarah-Jane has worked with include Adidas, Bugaboo, IKEA, ASICS and Samsung. She has also helped medium-sized challenger brands position themselves, setting their positioning, tone-of-voice and creating effective communications across many channels. This includes digital channels, brand books, emailer programmes, brochures, influencer work and social media.

Marielle Steinpatz

With over 20 years of professional experience in English to Dutch (and the other way around) translation, Marielle is Overtom’s word-swop wizard. Whether you need creative subtitles for a comedy, drama series, documentary or film, or are in need of a punctual and accurate document or literary translation, she’s the person to have on your team. Marielle’s experience covers a range of topics, such as art history, education, sports, nutrition, travel and nature, and spans different formats such as books, catalogues, staff magazines/newsletters, websites, presentations, as well as subtitles for corporate/social media/YouTube videos.
Well-versed in seeking inventive – and witty – solutions for tricky sentences and space restrictions often involved in subtitling, Marielle will deliver spot-on translation and localisation that fit your business needs. She is also the glue that holds together our network of seasoned translation professionals for other languages we cover, making sure we deliver quality on time, every time!

Darko Milosevic

Darko wears the cap of Overtom IT expert. He has over 20 years of experience in leading the development of different software and web solutions for a range of industries. His range of skills and knowledge spans both a varied and complementary set of specialist expertise, from blockchain development, to web and web shop development; websites and SaaS (‘software as a service’) development; mobile development (Android, iOS, Xamarin); desktop development (.NET, Java); and desktop integration (client relations management, enterprise resource planning, payment systems); software and hardware design and development for stage machinery control systems.
Recently, Darko devoted his attention and efforts to new and highly-innovative blockchain technologies development, working in particular on developing the SaaS platform for ‘know your client’ services (KYC) and compliance reporting.